ReadyBus Transportation Service - Southbridge - Sturbridge - Spencer - Webster - rides to work

124 Southbridge Road
Charlton, MA 01507
Tel: 508-248-4299

Our Mission

The mission of READYBUS is very simple:  Provide safe, reliable, and affordable work-related transportation services to residents of local communities within central Massachusetts.  Although the transportation service is new, our Company is not. READYBUS is a new service being offered by SCM Elderbus (, a 501 (c) 3 corporation. The Company has been providing transportation services to local residents of central Massachusetts for nearly four decades! READYBUS is simply another service being offered to meet the transportation needs of our friends and neighbors.


Safety is our number one priority. That is not just a slogan. It is the most important element of our core mission. All READYBUS drivers are thoroughly screened prior to becoming employees of the Company.  Once hired, each driver must successfully complete a comprehensive safety training program.  Ongoing safety training is also conducted for all drivers.  Random drug and alcohol testing is also an integral part of our overall safety program.  Your safety is our responsibility, a charge we do not take lightly.


We pride ourselves on meeting the needs of our clients. That includes not only getting you safely to your destination, but also getting you there on time.  Each of our vans holds up to nine people.  Each vehicle is also equipped with a wheelchair lift to accommodate clients needing such assistance.  The size of our vehicle fleet allows us to meet the specific transportation needs of our client base.


The cost of each (one-way) trip within town is $1.50. With the seemingly ever-increasing price of gasoline, utilizing READYBUS may actually save you money!  It is also environmentally friendly, as our multi-passenger vehicles may result in fewer single occupant cars on the road.